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Kathy Feldman for State House District 19


Building a brighter future together.

Kathy Feldman seeks to represent District 19 in the Hawaiʻi State House!


Kathy’s passion for people, the environment, and the community has sparked her interest in running for a seat in House District 19. As a representative for her community, she will focus on the following areas:


  • Protecting our environment: As we face climate change, Hawai'i is going to be disproportionately impacted. We are already seeing these impacts now, and we need policies that protect our communities and precious ecosystems.

  • Improving our public education system: We need more support for programs and counselors that can prepare our keiki for the future. We need to offer teachers a livable wage so that we can keep them on our islands. 

  • Increase affordable housing: Hawai'i has the highest median home prices and highest median rent of any state in the country. We need to prioritize local families instead of out of state investors when it comes to housing so that we can keep local families here.

  • Keeping our neighborhoods safe with neighborhood watch in cooperation with HPD and DOCARE

  • Addressing the ongoing water crisis caused by the Red Hill Fuel Spills which affects all of Oʻahu


Ties to the District


Kathy is married to Kale Feldman (Kamehameha ’76), a mediator and arbitrator who was born and raised in ʻĀina Haina. Together they have three grown children, Melanie, Matt and Mackenzie.


Kathy has lived in Maunalua (Hawaiʻi Kai) for 35 years, where she worked as a substitute teacher at Hahaʻione Elementary school, and also as a part-time teacher at Wilson Elementary School. All three children enjoyed growing up in Hawaiʻi Kai, where they attended Hahaʻione Elementary school and participated in multiple sports. They also provided community service, participating in VIP Soccer, where they served as soccer buddies and coaches for children with special needs.

“Strengthening our community starts with us.”

— Kathy Feldman


Prepared & Passionate

Education and Work History


Kathy attended Hawaiʻi Pacific University and the University of Hawaiʻi, where she graduated with a BA degree in Communications. She worked as a copywriter for CS Wo and Liberty House (now Macy’s) for 5 years before opening up her own retail shop, where she sold women’s activewear. She expanded the business with a partner in Japan, which led them to start their own line of activewear called “Honolulu Sweats.” They also owned a store called “Shonan Sweaty” in Kamakura, Kanagawa. Kathy transitioned into teaching when her children began attending Hahaʻione Elementary School.


Passion and Activities


Kathy’s hobbies include sewing, which led her to start a t-shirt quilting business called “Island Quiltees,” where she transformed t-shirts into Hawaiian-style quilts, mainly for students graduating high school and college. She also enjoys running, and has competed in many local races, including ten Honolulu Marathons.


Kathy’s passion for cooking sparked an interest in sustainable agriculture and the environment. She and her daughter Mackenzie are writing a book about food systems, titled GroundBakers. GB features 16 people across the country, including several Hawaiian leaders, who are finding unique ways to feed their communities and make healthy food more accessible. The book also contains 60 plant-based recipes that were created by Kathy, transforming comfort food into healthy dishes. Their book is being released this summer!

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